First consultation

The first visit can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Both initial and follow-up consultations can take place online or in person in a private office in Birmingham, UK.

The purpose of the first consultation is to conduct an interview detailing the client’s health, diet and lifestyle as well as interpreting the documentation provided.

For face to face visits; a body composition test may be conducted.

During or after the first visit, you will receive recommendations if necessary for tests to be performed or any recommendations to contact a specialist doctor for broader diagnosis.

A basic meal composition scheme and lifestyle recommendations will be presented.

The course of the first visit may differ from the next one and depends on the individual needs of the client, the uniqueness of the situation and the decision of the practitioner as to how to progress.

After the first visit, you will receive the following within 14 days:

Recommendations tailored to your health and needs as much as possible

List of allowed and prohibited products

An example of a daily meal plan and examples of dishes

Suggestions for changing your lifestyle

Information on rotation, separation, allergens, exclusions from the diet, diet extension – according to individual needs

Nutritional recommendations are intended for the first 2-6 months of the agreement.

In addition, along with the recommendations that are sent you will be provided with:

Individual supplementation recommendations for the first 2-6 months

A set of individually tailored recipes


Diet and supplementation are intended to support the therapeutic process, they cannot replace a dietary patient’s consultation with a specialist doctor or medicines. Please do not discontinue treatment voluntarily.

Don’t be late for your appointment. Unfortunately, we often have no option to extend the visit due to other booked appointments. If your visit is online – we will contact you at the appointed time, remember to send us an invitation to Skype.