Book an appointment in 5 easy steps

5 steps booking

1. Select the program you are interested in

2. Call Functional Medicine – Nutrition Fruition Practice on 07591506378 or write an email to for more information.

3. . Familiarize yourself with our offer, price list as well as the terms of agreement. Once you are happy to proceed, pay for the selected package (you will receive the payment details by e-mail after having contacted our Practice).

4. Set the date of your visit (only after payment)

5. Sign the terms and conditions, data protection statement, complete the initial self-assessment and start running your food diary. Send back all documents by email at 7 working days before the planned visit.

Packages and consultations are payable in advance. Only full payment for the consultations or packages allows the facility of booking appointment dates.

Our packages have their expiration dates and are designed to achieve maximum health effects.

Packages expiry date

All packages are valid for 6-12 months from the date of the initial consultation, which means that all consultations on the package must be carried within this timeframe.

The follow-up visits package is valid for 6 months from the date of the first consultation on the package, which means that all consultations on the package must be carried out at this time.

After the package’s expiry date, all non-consulted consultations will be forfeited, irrespective of why they were moved by the client (postponement at patient’s request, not confirming the visit, etc.).

In certain circumstances, package expiration dates may be considered for extension after seeking prior agreement with Nutrition Fruition. These will be assessed on an individual client basis and meet special necessity circumstances to be considered for extension.