Follow ups

The course of follow ups depends on the package chosen by the client and the practitioner outlined in the agreement, as well as the needs of both parties. Each meeting can be different.

During follow-up visits, a nutrition diary is checked which will be mandatory throughout the entire program.

The results of previously commissioned tests are analysed.

Answers to questions that arise between visits are given.

The client receives information about their progress and tips to stay focused on the long term objectives.

If the consultation takes place in the office, body composition analysis may be performed.

In addition to the above we will incorporate; discussion of diet, assessment of well-being, suggestions for necessary changes or corrections, moving on to the next stages, introducing new products, commissioning new/further tests or referral recommendations to specialists.

NOTE: additional nutrition plans, changes, new and subsequent supplementation plans outside the program are chargeable.


Follow ups are of great motivational importance, it is worth using them!  They are also an opportunity to ask questions. You can use the follow-up consultation package to be able to talk to your host regularly. Control consultations can act as a motivator, control progress, but also give the opportunity to regularly ask questions.

The frequency of consultation depends on the client and case, however the practitioner suggests as a guide:

A frequency of about 1-2 months

All follow ups are always agreed in advance

Bookings are only available after paying full price of the package