Rearrangement of appointment date

Rearrangement of appointment date

It is possible to rearrange an appointment date by giving at least 3 days in advance (72 hours – 3 working days) notice of your intention to do so. Such a request should be reported by e-mail or phone to the contact details of the Nutrition Fruition Clinic. Then, in agreement, we will set a different date, which will be presented by email. Failure to comply with the indicated time of 3 business days may result in treating the visit as completed. Bear in mind that our schedule is heavily filled, packages are paid in advance, and in addition each package has its’ expiration date. Postponing the visit may be difficult or impossible dependent upon other booked appointments. Sometimes it will require you to be on the waiting list, which will mean a suspended visit. Therefore, please treat your date of visit with commitment.

Absence from a visit.

If the patient does not appear at the appointment without sufficient notice or agreed cancellation, the appointment will be considered as having taken place and the visit forfeited.


Don’t be late for your appointment. Unfortunately, we often have no option to extend the visit due to the next waiting client. The visit will be shortened in accordance to the elapsed time of agreed appointment time.

Consultations can be postponed or rearranged to another date by giving at least 3 working days notice (3 business days).